Posted on: August 16, 2009 3:33 pm

Who plays for the next BCS champoinship?

...after looking at various schedules from the usual suspects it seems inevitable, to me at least, that the computers {and the idiots that created them with their superior knowledge of anything athletic..geez?} will again be responsible for a point here and there at the end of the season creating another BCS disaster!

I'm a Longhorn...and must say past Oklahoma we have a cakewalk! Toughest games are @ Ok St and vs Tech! maybe @ Mizzou, but they just lost Chase and got a new's restructure time....again! Kansas? naaaa 
OU does play Georgia right out of the gate, but past us {TX}.....really?
Florida doesn't even play Bama this year! only LSU and Georgia [i am considering last years Ole Miss a fluke until i see consistency] seem capable all things considered! i need to say it..PAC 10......the conferences record vs traveling east last year plus bowl games......c'mon?!?!?!?!?
Oh St and USC meet early, but only one can win and should have seniority through season on the losing squad if all things go as planned.'d be real nice if Michigan could beat the Buckeyes and take em off the contenders list early this year as i believe Penn St and Joe Pa will handle business again in the Big 10.

i am a homer...and don't particuliarly follow other conferences as close as the Big 12, but it seems like quite a few of everone has a large percentage of returning starters in key positions.....leading me to foresee a same ole-same ole year!

TEXAS and ou always...I MEAN ALWAYS hinge on our annual rivalry game and past that it's a dont fall asleep and screw up schedule.........

I have TX {imagine that} and Florida going at it ..much like it should have been last year!

s...omeone enlighten me why your squad is going to make it!

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